Entretien de la suédine

Suede Care

2 methods to take care of your suede product!

For recent stains

The land of Sommières is ideal for this type of task. Similar to talc. Very accessible and widely used by dyers to remove stains from suede leather.
You just have to apply this clay on the affected area and let it act all night.
The next day, with a soft brush, all you have to do is gently rub the excess, the stain should have disappeared.

For older or tougher stains

We suggest you use white vinegar.
Mix equal parts white vinegar and water then apply with a soft brush, rub gently then leave to dry.
If the stain is still a little stubborn, you can use the first method in addition to make the stain disappear completely.

The little advice
Waterproof your Hoe before using it!

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