Les astuces pour planter les graines reçues dans les commandes !

The tips for planting the seeds received in the orders!

Every time someone opens a new Hoe , the world gets greener! 🍌🌎

Go green to think better, get a change of scenery... Nature gives us morale and the greening of cities makes us feel better. Plus, it clears the air! This is why you will find in each order seeds to sow on your balcony, in your garden, in a public space... Together, let's green cities! 🌱

But how can we sow our seeds?

1. Spade to promote rooting

2. Refine, rake, level, remove stones and grass

3. Shake the contents of the sachet well

4. Sow broadcast like a lawn

5. Roll or pack the soil with the back of a shovel

6. Water and keep moist until germination

You can find 17 different flower species in the bag!

The ideal period for planting nurse flower seeds is from March to July, to have beautiful gardens from June to September. And after that, at the end of flowering, in the autumn period, the birds can come and the flowers become their source of food. 🌺 🐦

There are over 10 different hoes and accessories to choose from to earn the seeds and make the world a better place! 🪴


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