Sème ta graine de basilic 🌱

Sow your basil seed 🌱

With Binette, we would like to make you want to plant your seed on this planet and proudly assume your unique personality, take the plunge and make your dreams come true.
We want you to share your awesomeness with the world (and we'll all benefit!)

So, in each order, we put small seeds to sow: in a pot, in the ground or even in a field: participate in the greening of cities and countryside 🌳

For the winter collection, we offer organic basil seeds for planting.

Basil is a heat-loving aromatic plant that is particularly suitable for growing in pots. The little extra: it has the particularity of keeping mosquitoes away!

Our advice for a successful sowing:

- Sow in March-April in a terrine or in a pot, under a heated shelter (indoors)

- Sow in May in the open ground with a sunny exposure.

- Water once or twice a week

Harvest the flowers before flowering, they will give off an even more intense fragrance 🍃

And hop, you have fresh basil to put on the plate!

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Basil seeds, often overlooked, pack a nutritional punch. Rich in fiber, they aid digestion and promote gut health. These tiny seeds are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to overall well-being. When soaked, they form a gelatinous texture, making them a hydrating and refreshing addition to beverages.


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