Babe, why?

If you're here, it's because you want to know a little more about Binette: who we are, what we do, why we do it... all that stuff. Above all, Binette is an adventure and an adventure is always exciting and full of twists and turns, so we won't be bored here, we promise!

This adventure, it started with desires:
- freedom, lightness, optimism, "youhouhou" (especially since Mr Coco decided to ruin our lives),
- action, adventure, overtaking,
- to connect people, to create links and to promote sharing and exchange,
- to participate in changing our consumption patterns.

There you go, mix it all up and you get Binette, the optimistic brand that liberates our daily life and gives us the banana (just that!)

These desires have become the pillars of Binette, the very essence of its existence, its mission . I'll tell you how!

* * * *

Where do we start?

Transform your daily life, free your hands.
Observation: in life, we often have to choose between practicality or being stylish.
At Binette, we took the gamble of creating accessories that make your life easier and that are pretty.
Very concretely: practical, aesthetic and ethical products.
The + for you: you are free of spirit & free to move, keeping the style!

Give the banana, the desire to bite into life to the fullest.
Observation: our passage on Earth is very short (& the covid will not have our skin)
Binette wants to spread happiness, smiles and a positive attitude!
Having a positive filter on life generally gives us wings, we live more intensely and we savor the moments.
Of course, there are sad moments, soft moments, and that's completely normal.
Binette is here to support you and give you a smile!
The + for you: plenty of motivation!

Plant its seed.
Observation: it is not by doing nothing that we will take matters into our own hands.
With Binette, we would like to make you want to plant your seed on this planet and proudly assume your unique personality. You are a wonderful person who has a lot to share and offer to our world!
So we would like to help you dare, take the plunge and make your dreams come true!
The + for you : you share your awesomeness with the world (and we will all benefit from it, so everyone is a winner!)

La Bineterie, a community of madness.
Observation: we are nothing without someone or unity is strength
The undeniable power of the collective, sharing, human relations, exchange..
All of this is ultra-important and omnipresent at Binette.
Together, we go so much further! The social bond brings us love, motivation, energy, joy!
And we have really been able to see it with this confined year.
We really start from this observation to inject a great collective dynamic into the Bineterie.
Our vision is to become a close-knit community, to have your feedback and to move forward together in this great adventure!
Welcome to the Bineterie!
The + for you: you belong to a great community and you participate in a great adventure!

And all this, while respecting the environment, OF COURSE!
Observation: no need to specify that we have gone a little far with Mother Nature?
We can talk for a long time on this subject and use lots of words like "ethical" "eco-responsible" "green" "clean", etc., but here, we will keep it simple, no superfluity! It is obvious for us to do our best to minimize our impact and promote ethical fashion. We make you the formal promise to always be 100% transparent !
The + for you: you participate in the development of ethical fashion and make the world greener!

Devenir ambassadeur 🤳