Our mission

An optimistic brand that liberates everyday life!

If you're here, it's because you want to know a little more about Binette: who we are, what we do, why we do it... all that, all that. Above all, Binette is an adventure and an adventure is always exciting and full of twists and turns, so we won't be bored here, we promise!

This adventure, it found its origin in desires:
- freedom, lightness, practicality and positivity!
- action, adventure and self-transcendence,
- to create links, promote sharing and exchange,
- to participate in changing our consumption patterns.

Mix it all up and you get Binette , the optimistic brand that liberates our daily life and gives us the banana !

These desires have become the pillars of Binette, the very essence of its existence, its MISSION.
I explain how...

Transform your daily life, free your hands.
Observation: in life, we often have to choose between practicality or being stylish.
At Binette, we took the gamble of creating accessories that make your life easier AND that are pretty.
The + for you : you are free of spirit & free to move, while keeping the style!

Give the banana , the desire to bite into life to the fullest.
Report : our passage on Earth is very short.
Binette wants to maximize it by encouraging sharing and adventure and by propelling motivation and smiles!
The + for you: plenty of motivation

Sowing its
seed .
Note : everyone is unique.
With Binette, we would like to make you want to plant your seed on this planet and proudly assume your unique personality, take the plunge and make your dreams come true.
The + for you : you share your awesomeness with the world (and we will all benefit from it!)

Participate in change .
Conclusion : well, we are all aware.
Binette limits its impact by upcycling (we hunt for fabrics destined to be thrown away). It is a binding choice, because it brings many logistical complications, but mandatory if we want to change our consumption patterns!
The + for you : you consume responsible products :)
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La Bineterie, a community of madness!
Observation : unity is strength.
The power of the collective and of human relations is an omnipresent notion for Binette. Together, we go further and the social bond brings love, motivation and energy!
We want to inject a great collective dynamic into the Bineterie, to be a close-knit community and to move forward hand in hand.
The + for you : you belong to a great community and you participate in a crazy adventure!

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