Collection: Blooming: THE SPRING COLLECTION 🌸

Blooming: English word meaning “to blossom”, “to prosper” in health, in beauty, in vigor. This word refers to the freshness and energy of youth.

As you will have understood, this spring collection is aptly named. For April 2023, Binette chooses to highlight this new energy that spring brings us. The collection presents 7 models that evoke softness, intoxicating fragrances, bright colors, as well as dynamism, adventure and elegance. We didn't lie to you: there's something for everyone! Something to celebrate the diversity and beauty of nature.

Spring is making a comeback and what a PLEASURE. It's time to put on your sunglasses, go out for some fresh air and welcome this new energy that makes you want to live fast.

It is with this energy, this desire for diversity and fun that we thought of this collection! New materials, new patterns, and colors at all costs: enough to give pep to your life and your wardrobe

In short: this collection is the shot of vitamins you needed to fully enjoy a lively spring.